December 6, 2023

Archives for August 2010

SEO Guide To Microformats

What exactly are microformats and how can they help my SEO? If you’re like many SEOs or developers I know, you’ve probably heard some talk about microformats, but you’ve probably got some questions. You may remember an old blog post of mine where I lamented that nobody really supports hCard. Thankfully the day has finally […]

Applying Logic to SEO: Historical Clicks

Today we continue my SEO’s believe some crazy shit series. A few days ago we looked at whether or not google analytics affects SEO. Today I want to shift gears a bit. Several years ago a colleague of mine interviewed a candidate for an SEO position who recommended paying people in other cities to search […]

Does Google Analytics Affect SEO?

Raise your hand if you believe that using Google Analytics can affect your site’s SEO rankings. Now raise your other hand if you believe Google Adwords also affects your SEO. If you’ve got both hands in the air keep them that way, as having your hands off of the keyboard is probably the best SEO […]

Testing wordpress for iPad

You can safely ignore this post. I’m testing something on my server and also playing with word press for iPad. Typing is a pain without a keyboard but I’m getting pretty fast at using my thumbs. Auto spell check is actually helping here (unlike sending a text message where it always screws up my words). […]