June 10, 2023

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Are You Wasting Money On Adwords?

Somebody pointed me over to spyfu today and I couldn’t help but play around with some of it’s keyword estimates and competing site features. I plugged in one of my keywords that I currently rank really well for. (top 3 in all search engines) What I found was that most of my competitors who don’t […]

Building Links With Adwords

Last week one of our clients launched a new line of products on their website. To jumpstart traffic to this new product I launched an adwords campaign. Since the prices were pretty low, I decided to enable the content network as well. A few hours later I noticed we’d had over 30,000 impressions for our […]

Why Privacy Is Obsolete

“Why come you ain’t got no tattoo?” If web 2.0 was the idea of user generated content, then web 3.0 is surely being built on the theory of eliminating privacy. I give privacy about 5 years tops before we don’t even need a word for it anymore. The current trends are disturbing. Let’s take a […]

Harry Potter Will Cost Companies Billions?

Every year around the Superbowl or NCAA final four we always see those articles about how the event will cost companies billions of dollars of productivity. The general theory is that people will spend all this time putting together squares, making party plans, and just talking about the game around the water cooler. Of course, […]

Is The Publishing Industry Dying?

One of the reasons I chose Lulu for my book instead of an actual publisher is the shopping process. After you write a book you can spend months submitting it to publishers and waiting to hear from them. I soon learned that most publishers were only interested in talking to you if you a.) had […]

Google Cache Saves The Day

I made an amateur web designer mistake today, but luckily Google’s cache was there to bail me out. Somebody alerted me to a spelling error on one of my smaller sites, so I opened it up in my editor to fix it. Some of you know where this is going. When I opened it up, […]

Essential Firefox Extensions

I recently had to install firefox on a new computer, and I realized I didn’t have a convenient list of the plugins I use on a daily basis. Since I figured others might benefit from this information I’m making it a blog post instead of just a note to myself. Here’s my essential firefox extensions: […]

Blogging, iApps, & other Snarks

I have to agree with Mike Arrington. The wall street journal is pretty off on their write up of blogging history. They just published an article saying happy 10th birthday to blogging. While the word may be only 10 years old, the concept isn’t. I myself started blogging in 1998… only we didn’t call it […]

Server Down = Rankings Gone?

Can having your server go down harm your rankings? It appears so! When apache and cpanel on my txt2day server tried to update itself automatically, something went wrong that required a server reboot. Unfortunately, I was out of town and couldn’t do it until 4 days later. It looks like Googlebot came through while it […]

BellSouth – Please Update Your DNS

If anybody works at BellSouth..oh nevermind you’re probably not reading this. Nobody with BellSouth DSL can access any of my websites that have jonesy.biz as their DNS servers. I’m not quite sure why… It’s had this DNS server for over 3 months now… long enough for you to update your listings. Why is that? It’s […]