December 6, 2023

Archives for October 2006

Election Time

It’s getting to be election time again so I thought I’d chime in with some timely advice. Bin Laden is expected to reccomend voting republican so that he can stay in business. Of course if you’re in Florida you’ll probably be voting republican anyway – even if you selected democrat thanks to faulty voting machines. […]

Why I Stopped Using ITunes

If you know me in real life you know that I’m big time anti-piracy and anti-file sharing. As a software developer and author I don’t want people taking my stuff without paying for it, so I don’t take theirs without paying for it. It’s the old do unto others. Like all Geeks, I have an […]

Family Times Magazine Article

Just a quick note to any of my readers who live in Florida, the latest issue of Family Times Magazine features an article I wrote on page 20. It’s about internet slang and the top 25 terms parents should know. I’ve been dabbling in freelance lately, so if you’re interested in a fresh new writer, […]

Hey You Damned Kids Get Off My Lawn

Wow, I feel like an old man. I was watching TV last night waiting for FOX to tell us if the world series was going to be cancelled or not when I heard a noise outside. Before I get to that though, what was up with FOX? Apparantley the rain was over 25 miles wide […]

City of ChesaThief

Just when you think you’re doing an act of goodwill, the city of Chesapeake turns around and spits in your face. At least, that’s what happened recently when a Massachusets based software company finally handed the domain name over to the city of Chesapeake – after 10 years of being bugged about it. That’s […]

I Am A Spammer

Ok, well not really. I’ve never once intentionally sent any spam emails before, and none of my websites collect emails or even send any out…. or so I thought that’s what they were doing. Years ago (we’re talking 1999 here) I headed over to hotscripts and grabbed a generic form email script. This particular script […]

Criminal MySpace Impersonation

It seems like the MySpace stories in the news get stranger by the day, and this one is no exception. Police in Farmington, Conn have charged a 13 year old girl with criminal impersonation for creating a MySpace profile claiming to be her teacher. The article doesn’t say what the profile said, but we can […]

The Not So Free Press

According to a recent article, the US now ranks 53rd among all countries in freedom of the press. That’s a big slide from the #17 position we held in 2002. Speaking of 2002, that’s the same year that we arrested and sent an Al-Jazeera photographer (Sami al-Haj) to prison without charging him of a crime. […]

Giving up Phone and Email

A long time ago I gave up my main email accounts. If I had gotten around to coding an archive for this blog, I’d link it here… One of these days I guess. Anyway. I disabled every email account that I’d ever publically posted, and replaced all website ones with strict scripts that filter my […]

An Open Letter to Kevin Poulsen

Dear Kevin, I just read your Wired Article and I can’t believe you did something this stupid. Here’s why: Kevin, I’m usually all about protecting children. In fact, I run which urges parents to learn about the internet slang that their kids use. But you’ve gone too far on this little sex offender escapade. […]