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Redirecting Using Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky

When it comes to internet phishing or spamming, much success relies upon tricking the user into clicking a link. Often times one can tell how legit a link is simply by looking at it. For example, if you’re telling me that you’re paypal but I don’t see in the URL, I’m going to know […]

It’s 1994 again. MySpace Is The New AOL

I remember the early days of the internet, when you had to have a service like prodigy or AOL or compuserve to get online. For me, those didn’t last long. As soon as I could get my own dial up, I did. Hell, I remember friends stopping by to use my super fast 28.8 modem […]

A Year Ago Today

Do you remember what you were doing on 1-31-07? It’s the day that the Boston police, anti-terror unit, bomb squad, and mass media went totally insane when Cartoon network put up some lite-brite style ads around the city. It’s the day they arrested artists for placing advertisements. It’s the day the terrorists officially won again. […]

Encoding Text

Earlier today I had a need to encode some text into various forms, like MD5, Sha-1, etc. I couldn’t find an easy way to do it without writing a script, so I made a simple little website. I know only like 3 out of 100 people will find this useful, but check it out anyway: […]

My GoDaddy & Google Accounts Hacked

When I got back from vacation, one of the many emails I had to go through was a Godaddy one saying that my password had been reset. I thought nothing of it, and clicked the spam button in gmail – thinking it was a phishing attack. Today, that email suddenly jumped back into my head […]

A Dangerous Cult

Hehe, search Google for Dangerous Cult and the first result is the homepage of Scientology. In this case, I sort of agree with the Googlebomb. On that same search, you’ll also see a list of dangerous cult warning signs. For a fun exercise, see how many apply to your religion!

Photos From Dallas / Fort Worth

If You’ve haven’t heard from me much lately it’s probably because I took a long weekend (Friday – Monday) to fly down to Dallas. It was a pretty fun trip. On Friday night we went to Billy Bob’s to see a Texas favorite – Robert Earl Keen. We all agreed that Merry Xmas From The […]

Do All Dells Die When Their Warranty Expires?

I’ve had 2 Dell computers in my life. My last one, you may remember from the pictures I posted, had a rough encounter with a baseball bat after it’s motherboard fried. It seems the computer’s warranty had expired the previous month and then the motherboard fried. So, I bought a new one. Well, it’ warranty […]

Why RealID Will Actually Decrease Security

When our founding fathers set up our government, they purposely chose to make 3 separate branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Even then, they further separated the divisions. For example, they gave us the house and senate. The reason they did this was to avoid any possibility of corruption leading to a totalitarian state. Assuming somebody […]

Copying DVDs in Leopard

For the last 2 days I’ve been trying to make a copy of the DVD the funeral home put together of pictures of my grandfather. My Aunt has a DVR hooked up to her TV that can burn DVDs, but that would have required watching and recording the DVD, then making copies. That seemed like […]