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July 13, 2010

Bing’s latest commercial…WTF?

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I still don’t get the point of bing’s latest Thelma and Louise commercial. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below:

What exactly are they trying to say? It just came on with the TV on MUTE and here’s the story it told me:

Women are being chased by cops, they look at google, don’t like what it says so they try Bing. Bing gives them directions, and they follow them right off the cliff.

Ok, that can’t be right. Let’s try another interpretation.

Ladies try switching from Google to Bing, then become so frustrated with the quality of Bing’s results that they drive off of a cliff.

Hmm… that doesn’t seem like a good marketing message either.

I really don’t get this commercial. To me the marketing message is just off. It tells me that a.) Bing caused them to drive off a cliff or b.) they’d rather drive off a cliff than use Bing. I don’t think either of those are the message they were going for.

Pro Marketing Tip: It’s usually never* good to show customers killing themselves or dying when using your product.

*unless of course your product is a funeral casket or assisted suicide machine.

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