September 26, 2023

Archives for August 2006

Cox Blocked

yet another entry from the people who don’t quite get it file. It seems that Cox Communications has started deleting outbound emails that appear to be spam, and not notifying the sender. This is bad news for all Cox subscribers. With today’s over agressive spam filters it’s very easy to have legit email marked as […]

Code Optimization Tips Part 1

I realized for being a software engineer that I haven’t written much about programming or coding or anything else. I work mostly with PHP and MySQL, but as some of our applications are getting mad traffic now, I’ve been doing every little thing possible to optimize them. Here’s a few code optimization tips (mostly PHP) […]

protecting kids

I was reading on Phillip Lenssen’s site about how it’s now a crime to use META tags to deceive a child into viewing a hurtful webpage. I posted my comments there, but I wanted to re-iterate here as well. Who defines what’s harmful? a site saying there’s no santa when viewed by an 8 year […]


Wow.. it only took 15 minutes afer re-enabling the comments to get the first spam comments; 3 of them actually. It’s funny because the spam bot actually used UBB code to make it’s links. I’m going to say this right now to all you spammers: All Links on dotCULT recieve rel=nofollow attributes. There.. now that […]

An Open Letter To Dell

Dear Dell, Let me tell you about my recent experience with your company. I recently ordered a new computer that cost me $1074.54. Due to a glitch in your system, my order went through twice and I recieved 2 computers. I told fedex to deliver one, and I refused delivery on the other. I called […]

Over-Reactions on a motherfreaking plane

If you don’t regularly read Wired magazine, they have a Great Article about all the over reactions to terrorism and how we need to refuse to be terrorized. Contrary to what people believe, a terrorist’s goal isn’t to kill us. Their main goal is to change our lives; and frankly we’re letting them do that. […]

NoSlang Book Released

I’m still working on the dotCULT backend re-design. Until then, I bet you didn’t know I wrote a book did you? The Internet Slang Dictionary is now available in book form! The new book is 172 pages long, includes over 2,000 terms, tips for parents, tips for teens, and more information about slang! This […]