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A Broken Winged Bird

You ever have one of those A-Ha moments? I came across an old Langston Hughes poem today called Dreams and had mine. Lately I’ve been going through what I call a quarter life crisis (although it could just be a stirring in my soul. You know the feeling: it’s the “is this what I want […]

Rose Bowl Matchup

The Rose Bowl Matchup has been determined. Michigan will play LSU in the Rose Bowl on January 1st, 2007. (that is of course if USC beats UCLA saturday)

Do Not Threaten To Castrate The President

You work in a mental hospital. One of your patients is ranting about killing all jews when he suddenly mentions castrating the president. Which of the following do you do? a.) Ignore him, he IS a mental patient. b.) Treat him for his mental illness c.) Call the secret service Most people would choose a […]

Thirty Pieces of Silver

If you watched House tonight (and are like my mom) you’re probably asking what the 30 pieces of silver comment at the end was all about. Well, it’s from Matthew 26:14-16. (yeah that’s the bible.) Anyway, that’s what Judas was paid when he betrayed Jesus.

AP Style Two Point Oh

Everything is going 2.0 nowadays, and with talk of the web about to go 3.0 I think that it’s time we started making our newspapers and magazines 2.0 compliant. Yes, I’m suggesting an AP Style 2.0. For those of you unfamiliar with AP style, it’s basically a set of rules for how to write that […]

MSN Search and referer logs

If anybody from Microsoft or MSN search reads my blog, give me a shout (ryan at no slang dot com). MSN really needs a URL removal function other than robots.txt and what not. Let me explain why: To any developers out there, here’s some important advice too: Always Password Protect, and make Robots.txt files FIRST, […]

Bo Schembechler Dies

Glen (Bo) Schembechler died this morning. Bo Collapsed during the taping of the Big Ten Ticket show and was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly thereafter. The 77 year old former Wolverines coach had been recovering from sugery a month earlier to implant a heart regulating device. It wasn’t his first heart problem, […]

A Great Example of Geurilla Marketing

A lot can be said for finding new and innovative ways to market one’s product. A lot more can be said for finding a way to get national coverage of one’s product for free while still shedding positive light on the company. That’s exactly what the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co just did. The company […]

Quoted on CNet

There’s a great article over on about teens and internet slang that quotes a shockingly intelligent expert (ME!). Check it out. Then buy my book. 🙂

Targetted Spam

I just recieved an email with the subject of “RE: Michigan Football Tailgate” that advised me to buy some stock in West Excelsior Inc. Normally I’m good at not opening these types of emails, but this one got me. It just happened that I had an email in my inbox with a subject of “Michigan […]