September 26, 2023

Archives for June 2007

Making The iPhone Better

Update: As I use this more, I have a few more suggestions, so I’m adding them now. Since the web is filled with praise for the iPhone right now, I want to try to be one of the first to offer suggestions for making it better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s clear just seconds after […]

So I Bought an iPhone

UPDATE: It seems that trying to buy $800 worth of stuff and ship it to a different address raises a fraud alert with my Chase Visa card. Thus, my iPhone order was canceled. As it turns out, the local Apple store didn’t sell out last night, so I just went in and bought one this […]

On Not Wasting Rice

Yesterday I went to my favorite Thai restaurant for dinner and I was surprised when my portion was much bigger than usual. When the owner came to chat with me she mentioned “the cook gave you extra today because you didn’t waste rice last time.” It’s true. Last time I was there I was so […]

Did You Notice The Silence?

Internet radio fell silent today. Did you notice? Thousands of Internet broadcasters turned themselves off today to protest the new bill in congress that would demand outrageous royalty fees from Internet radio stations. The way it’s currently worded, an Internet radio station would have to pay a small fee per “performance” of a song. That […]

When 40% off is 10% More

If you haven’t heard the news about Farmer Jacks closing down all over the place – they are. The grocery store company was recently bought and they’re closing down most of the stores (at least in my area). It seems that most Americans would rather shop at stores like Meijer where they can buy their […]

New Site: Drug Slang

I’m sure most regular readers of my blog have familiarized themselves with – my Internet slang translator. If you haven’t, it’s been pretty popular. Perhaps you’ve seen it in the Yahoo site of the day, heard it on Kim Kommando, or read about it on CNET. It’s been featured on all of those. Today […]

Cool New Toys

Now that I’ve started a new job I decided it was a good time to splurge and buy some of the geeky toys that I’ve been wanting or needing lately. First off, I wanted a wireless keyboard and mouse. When I saw the good deal on the Microsoft fingerprint reader desktop I couldn’t resist. The […]

Happy Belated Juneteenth

What is Juneteenth you say? juneteenth is a holiday celebrated on June 19th to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Texas. Sadly,it’s still creating violence (as indicated by today’s CNN news.) Anyway, go read about it.

Thank Bill for System Restore Points

If you’re like me you barely noticed the system restore point feature of windows XP – unless of course you noticed the amount of space it took up and turned it off. Last night I was very thankful that this computer came with it enabled by default. When somebody asked me if they could use […] ripped me off

We’ve all seen those ads online for cheap magazines right? About 17 months ago I saw them myself.. and decided that the offer was too good to be true. Guess what, it was. It’s been 17 months since charged me $15 for subscriptions and I’ve yet to receive one single magazine. I have, however, […]