Archives for February 2009

Better Solutions Than A Mileage Tax

The good news is that Obama just rejected the mileage tax, but the bad news is that politicians (especially in oregon and taxachussets) keep thinking that this would be a good idea. The fact that elected officials think it would be good to track citizens every movement is scary. If we keep electing people like […]

How To Fail At Social Networks

I’ve seen a thousand and two posts over the past few months that all say things along the lines of: “Is your company on twitter?” “do you have a facebook app?” and “why your company needs to embrace social networking.” While that’s all and good, most of these posts (and most of these businesses) are […]

Enough With The Touch Screens

Touch Screens are trendy, I get it – but that doesn’t make them the right choice in all of the latest gadgets. When I had to pick up my parents from the airport today, I borrowed their new Minivan to do the job. I refuse to drive my Mazda on these winter potholes, and there’s […]

Translate British iPhone App, and More New Stuff

Just a quick note to say that I’ve officially launched the Translate British iPhone App. The App is similar to the NoSlang App only instead of being an internet slang dictionary, it’s a British to American dictionary. Go check them out, both apps are $0.99 in the App Store. If you do choose to buy […]

How To Fix The Economy

If you haven’t noticed, the American economy is going to shit. The bailout isn’t working and things are just getting worse. When I talked last year about fixing America’s problems I had no idea we were headed into the giant recession that we’re now facing. The bailout, designed to put more money in the hands […]

SuperBowl Ad Anticipation

There’s lots of blogs out there talking about the best and funniest Super Bowl ads from the other day. There were some pretty entertaining ads, but one of them still sticks out in my head as being the most effective. I’m talking about the Miller High Life ad. All 0:01 of it. A few days […]