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April 18, 2006

George Bush Pirates Music

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In a recent publicity video, the president can be seen with an ipod in tow. When a reporter asks him what’s on his ipod George answers the beatles.

Everything is fine right? Why is this news?

Well… No Beatles music is currently available for download at any of the buy songs online type sites like itunes, napster etc..

The only way George could have gotten the beatles onto his ipod is if he ripped it from cd, or downloaded it illegally.

Both of these are illegal according to the RIAA.

RIAA, if you’re reading this… go get him.

side note.. I thought George listened to country..

April 6, 2006

Angles and Devils

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It’s been a long time since Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson game his “angels and devils” speech. In fact, I was even an employee of Best Buy at the time, and it made a lot of sense.

But Brad Anderson is wrong. While he is right that some customers are more profitable than others, his method of only appealing to the good customers is flawed.

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At first glance it makes sense to cater to the profitable customers while shunning the less profitable customers, but that’s not looking at the big picture. It’s time for Brad to think outside the box.

The question to ask is “How can I turn those devils into angels?”

The reason they’re not profitable, is because you’re letting them be. Find out what they want, and provide it for them in a way that’s profitable. That’s what business is about.

If you’re read Business2.0 this month, you’ll see that Wells Fargo CEO Dick Kovacevich understands this idea, and he’s one of the only profitable bank stocks out there.

High schools don’t stop teaching the C students, they help them change. So, if you have unprofitable customers, figure out why, and do something to make them profitable… Don’t just shun them.

Rebel Yell

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What’s your take on the Rebel flag?

The omnipresent symbol of the souther uprising dons flags, jeeps, sports uniforms, tattoos, and more david alan coe, hank williams junior, and jamey johnson songs than I can count; but is it racist?

I know it’s a taboo in this country (or europe) to fly a Nazi flag outside one’s house, but what about a rebel flag?

To some people I’m guessing it is. (I had a cousin who flew a pirate flag for a week before one of his neighbors replaced it with the stars and stripes)

American textbooks tend to imply that the civil war was only about racism, but in reality there was so much more too it.

To many southerners, the rebel flag is a symbol of their heritage. It reminds them of the hard work, honest pay, philosophy of life. Roots are important.

What do you think? Is flying the rebel flag ok?

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