June 10, 2023

Archives for April 2006

George Bush Pirates Music

In a recent publicity video, the president can be seen with an ipod in tow. When a reporter asks him what’s on his ipod George answers the beatles. Everything is fine right? Why is this news? Well… No Beatles music is currently available for download at any of the buy songs online type sites like […]

Angles and Devils

It’s been a long time since Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson game his “angels and devils” speech. In fact, I was even an employee of Best Buy at the time, and it made a lot of sense. But Brad Anderson is wrong. While he is right that some customers are more profitable than others, his […]

Rebel Yell

What’s your take on the Rebel flag? The omnipresent symbol of the souther uprising dons flags, jeeps, sports uniforms, tattoos, and more david alan coe, hank williams junior, and jamey johnson songs than I can count; but is it racist? I know it’s a taboo in this country (or europe) to fly a Nazi flag […]