Archives for May 2007

Free SEO Work

For a while now I’ve been thinking about dabbling in doing some freelance SEO work. See, all my SEO experience comes from doing it for the companies I worked for or by doing it for my own sites. That’s all good except when somebody asks for examples of my work. I can’t give them examples […]

Devolution Back To META Tags

Back in the beginning of search engines there were META tags. By today’s standards the 90’s search engines were piss poor at determining the relevance of web pages so webmasters relied on META keywords and descriptions to tell the search engines what they were about. Since the “relevance” of a website was determined by the […]

Amazon SEO

Reading the usual SEO posts today, somebody mentioned why there isn’t a market for Amazon SEO. That’s a good question. What is Amazon SEO? It’s the process of doing SEO for a product so that it shows up at the top of a search. After all, there HAS to be a correlation among top ranking […]