July 6, 2022

Archives for July 2007

Giving Shoutwire Another Try

Some of you may remember that I was at one time an editor on shoutwire. Shoutwire is a Digg style site, but with a little more moderation to prevent spam. It also offers editorials. One of the editorials I wrote for them the first time is still in their top 5 most popular. It’s called […]

OMG..Yes, I DO have an iPhone.

Wow! I went up north from Wednesday through Sunday and my phone spent more time in other people’s hands than my own. I couldn’t go anywhere without a bunch of 16-25 year olds running up to me and asking to play with my phone. It’s not like I was showing it off though…. there was […]

iPhone browser drives development & New Site Announcement

If email was the first killer app of the web, and social networking is the current one, then the iPhone web browser is going to be the killer app that revolutionizes the phone industry. Never before have I seen so many articles about people making their websites or applications work on the iPhone. There are […]