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September 5, 2007

Why Hasn’t Magsforless Been Sued Yet?

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A while ago I wrote a post about how magsforless.com ripped me off. Looking on the web, it appears I wasn’t the only one who complained. It also appears that the company has many unresolved complaints at the BBB.

After my post I’ve gotten tons of blog comments from them saying to email them and they’ll resolve the issue… however all my emails go unanswered. I actually think they have a PR bot running that automatically posts the same comment on any bad press they get. I’ve seen the same response in a lot of places

So it’s pretty clear that magsforless.com is nothing but a huge ripoff – but why hasn’t there been a class action lawsuit? The company is based in the US.

Luckily, I was only burned for a few bucks from this shady company – but I’m sure others have lost a ton of money. Money that magsforless doesn’t deserve.

If you ask me, Joel Simkhai is a thief and a con artist. Go ahead and post your “email me directly” drivel here but until you refund the thousands of dollars you’ve apparently stolen from people you’ll still be slime in my book.

September 4, 2007


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I haven’t gotten any sleep the past few days due to my cat being in heat. If you’ve never experienced the pleasantness of a cat in heat, do this: Take your bed to the busiest intersection you can find and put it right in the middle. You’ll get more sleep than I did.

They say it lasts 5-10 days, and this is day 6 so hopefully it won’t be that much longer. I have to think my neighbors are getting a bit fed up, because I can actually hear her from outside – through a shut door – while in the car – with the windows up – the air on – the motor running – and the music playing.

I’ll be posting an update soon – after the screaming stops and the cat gets fixed.

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