September 26, 2023

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Not Ready To Think About Death.

Somebody I was friends with in elementary school just passed away recently. I never spoke to him after elementary school, even though we graduated together. Anyway, it was a wake up call to me. I’m only 27, I’m way too young to be thinking about death – yet I am. That’s some scary stuff that […]

Should I Install Spore (and its RootKit)?

Back when all the hype was new, I pre-ordered a copy of Spore from Amazon. Now that I’ve got it, I noticed it has the Rootkit DRM installed on it. Basically, installing Spore installs what can be described as a virus along with it. This virus runs in the background every time you start up […]

Why The Techcrunch50 Will Fail

I’m in a very cynical and nasty mood today – perhaps related to the DDOS attack that’s happening against one of my websites right now. I think I’ve got it handled though (if you target me at the domain level, i’m just going to re-route all that traffic back to you :)) anyway… I’ve been […]

The Magazine Renewal Scam

If you’re like me, you pay most bills right away when they come in the mail. You’ve probably seen all those “renew your subscription to” letters come, and just paid them. It’s pretty standard. Have you ever looked at the little coupon though and compared it to the expiration date on your magazine? For those […]

If You’re going to bash Chrome, at least make sure what you’re saying is true first.

I keep laughing at stupid news articles advising not to download Google Chrome because it’s just Google’s way of gathering more information about you. If you’re a journalist working on such a post, please pay attention: Chrome is open source – look at the code, you’ll see that it doesn’t send any such data to […]

The Feeds I Read

One of my friends just asked me where I read some of these crazy things I talk about from, well mostly RSS feeds that constantly flash across my browser while I’m working. Here’s what I’m reading (all links are to the RSS feeds) Ted Dziuba – He’s a general asshole who used to work at […]